Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Springtime in Mexico

Springtime in Mexico....well, where do I start? I will blog over the next several days about our Spring 2012 here in Reynosa, Mexico.

I will start with Josie's Quinceanera. First, I will say that planning a quinceanera is not for the weak!! This was a huge task, but in the end, very well worth it!!
There was dress fittings, cake ordering, ribbon buying, invitation making, dress fittings, food planning, house cleaning, dress fittings, ring sizing, yard cleaning, tank moving, last minute chambelan change, and did I mention dress fittings.....
dress details
preparing the base for the cakes
Ruth "painting" Josie's face!!
Julissa fixing Josie's hair.
Mayela with the cakes!!
on with the slip!!
Center of attention!!
Our beautiful Josie!!
Kerrie and the Samford girls with Josie
Luis and Josie
Silveria presenting the Bible.
Rogelio presenting the album and pen.
Sara presenting the pillow.
The ring!!
Daddy/ daughter dance!!
Con Pastor Procoro Salas
All of this work and planning, culminated in a beautiful ceremony, celebrating our daughter's move from girlhood to womanhood. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I will simply post some pictures from this special time in our lives.

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