Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Springtime in Mexico

Springtime in Mexico....well, where do I start? I will blog over the next several days about our Spring 2012 here in Reynosa, Mexico.

I will start with Josie's Quinceanera. First, I will say that planning a quinceanera is not for the weak!! This was a huge task, but in the end, very well worth it!!
There was dress fittings, cake ordering, ribbon buying, invitation making, dress fittings, food planning, house cleaning, dress fittings, ring sizing, yard cleaning, tank moving, last minute chambelan change, and did I mention dress fittings.....
dress details
preparing the base for the cakes
Ruth "painting" Josie's face!!
Julissa fixing Josie's hair.
Mayela with the cakes!!
on with the slip!!
Center of attention!!
Our beautiful Josie!!
Kerrie and the Samford girls with Josie
Luis and Josie
Silveria presenting the Bible.
Rogelio presenting the album and pen.
Sara presenting the pillow.
The ring!!
Daddy/ daughter dance!!
Con Pastor Procoro Salas
All of this work and planning, culminated in a beautiful ceremony, celebrating our daughter's move from girlhood to womanhood. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I will simply post some pictures from this special time in our lives.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Mexico Mission Video

Welcome to 2012

Welcome to 2012!! This is the year that I will keep up with this blog!! I am inspired to document what God is doing in our lives and in Reynosa, Mexico.

We serve such an awesome God. I would like to do a little "Year in Review" post right now to just look back for a moment, so that we can look forward with hope and anticipation for what He will do in the coming year!!

  One of the most awesome things God did this past year, was to unite several missionary families together. Through this, we have spiritual support, something that helps keep us on track with what He has for us to do. We are all different people, but God has bound us together in His purpose, and it is inspiring. Thank you Lord for bringing us together to serve you!!
  The year 2011 saw 10 new homes, four weddings, one of which was a really neat triple wedding, a most amazing medical mission in August, quincineras, precious babies born, diapers, formula, and baby clothes, money donated for the foundation of the trade (vocational) school, a (really big) generator donated for the mission house, many stoves and refrigerators donated,  more water line in place, more water tanks to store the water, many pounds of beans and rice passed out(and anything else God had on our shelves!), boxes and boxes of dishes sent for the families here, backpacks purchased and filled, primary school graduations (with so many of our kids in the top spots!!), Cielo's high school graduation (a first for us and for her family), school uniforms bought, school sponsorships provided, the very FIRST group to stay at the mission house in Reynosa !! We were also sent to another colonia, and God has once again touched our hearts in the same way He did so many years ago when we went to Nopalera. We have also had the privilege to help with 2 homes on the Texas side of the border, we have seen God's hand in providing materials, money, etc... for these godly people as well!! We also are called to minister in the tough times also.... we faced the death of 2 teenage boys this year, a dear friend had a mental breakdown, a situation where we saw how God took our "enemy"(an older man) out of the way when we thought he was our friend. But through these difficult times, we were able to see God working in our lives, and in the lives of so many others.
       WOW.... God sure was busy this year!!
  These are merely the physical things He has provided as a way for us to BE the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as we walk on this earth. So many times when we meet these physical needs, we have the privilege of sharing WHY we are meeting these needs, and that is because Jesus Christ came to earth and died a cruel death on the cross to save us from our sins. We can't fathom someone dying for us, much less the whole world.... it just doesn't make sense. I am so glad that we don't have to understand this, we just have to believe, have faith, and take up our cross and follow Him!!! This life is not ours, it, and all we have belongs to God. These truths are so freeing, we needn't carry these burdens with us, just hand them over to our Lord and Savior!!
  Wonder what God has in store for this year??? He has already started... we have groups already scheduled to come throughout the year, with more calling daily!! We have people planning medical missions, Bible Schools, house building trips. We have people raising money for so many projects this year,  why don't you jump on board, buckle your seatbelt, and join us for the ride! We can't promise anything but God's love, mercy, grace and provision along the way!!

Current needs:
Funding to pay off our truck (we need $4,000)
Funding for the trade school building
tools for the trade school
more school scholarships
black shoes for school
blue school skirts, skorts or pants
white school shirts
bicycles (especially adult sizes)
bicycle parts (tough tubes, tires, etc...)
baby strollers, high chairs, walkers, etc...
money to buy beans and rice

Thanks for reading, and may God bless you and your family throughout this Year of Our Lord 2012,

The Roy Busby Family

Friday, October 22, 2010

Well, I know it has been a LONG time since I have posted on this blog, and I apologize. But here I am with renewed desire to keep up with a record of our happenings.
First, I will start with the 2 months we spent in Alabama. We picked grapes, went to the doctors, dentists, physical therapy, remodeled bathrooms, worked on Brad and Kate's upstairs, big family reunion....... WOW..... yes, we stayed busy

NOW.... we are back at home in Mexico.... we have now stayed 2 nights in our house.... and we are so blessed to have such great friends and family. Hopefully we will get to get some pictures up soon.
We have started putting the siding on the kitchen today.... YAY....

Please pray for some friends... one is baby Caleb.... and the other is a friend who needs special prayer right now.... we love you.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hello, I know I just posted, but I wanted to put a list of needs out there for all to see.....

Sponsorship for Amin..... this is the young man staying in our home. He does a wonderful job of helping in all aspects of upkeep, but really needs some sort of income, not only for him, but he would love to help his mom in the Dominican Republic. We are not looking for a large amount, but anything sent towards this would be a wonderful help.
Shelving (we are looking at the metal shelving at Sam's, Home Depot, or Target)
Plastic containers
inside lighting and ceiling fans for the house
door knobs
donations for laminate flooring for the upstairs
food (people never stop eating)
sponsorship for kids to go to school (I will post pics this week of kids needing sponsorship)
black school shoes
white tennis shoes
white button down shirts
diaper rash cream
If you have any questions about any of these items in particular, just ask us.....
Thanks for reading

Ok, I am going to try and get better at posting on our blog.
I actually can't remember the last post..... we have been very very busy this summer. We have built 5 new homes in Mexico (that includes the one in March), built one church and attended the dedication of that building, done LOTS of work on the house ("our house") there, purchased the property to the left of our house to build a kitchen and bathrooms, been involved in a wonderful wedding, 2 beautiful quincineras, the births of 2 beautiful baby girls, (one of whom is extremely special), attended Pastor Procoro's 82nd birthday party, etc... with more still to come!!!
Our personal adventures include a trip to Garner State Park, movies, Vacation Bible School, youth camp, All Star Baseball, and an upcoming trip to Mo Ranch with Christ Community Church!!!
We would still like to visit the beach at least one time before we head back to Alabama.

Ok, I would like to say a few words about Mayra and the baby..... Ladies, just let me tell you to be thankful for the hospitals that we have in the US...... Mauricio was not even able to be back there with her for the birth... alas.... God is good, and heard our prayers.... she did not have to have a c-section, and she has a healthy baby girl, whom is soooo precious, and loves her 'abuelita', or Tia Rebecca.....I will try and keep photos updated from now on.... I know I am terrible.... just pray that I get in a routine of blogging more!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

WOW..... where do I start..... first of all, I would like to say how awesome it is to see God working in the lives of so many people. For those of you who know a lot about the ministry we are involved in, you know that our prayer is that every couple who calls each other "esposos" would actually be legally married!!! Well..... God is moving, and that is starting to happen!!! Some have already had their "civil service" and are legally married, but now are having a church ceremony. The first ones we will have the opportunity to celebrate with are Mayra and Mauricio.... I do not think that is a coincidence, as they are like family to us already!!! I am looking for help from anyone who would like to sponsor something for the ceremony..... we cannot do this on our own, and I know that God will touch those who are supposed to help out. Below is a list of items needed to pull this off: (some of these items are not customary for us "gringos")

Lazo (it joins them together)

Pillows (for kneeling in prayer)




Cake (I think this is taken)


Rings (nothing fancy)


tortilla holders

napkin holders

centerpieces for the tables

and the food..... can't have a wedding without food now can we???!!!!